Other Graduates Published Works

Summary of the Writings
by Professor Dr. Tan Man Ho

Understanding the US Medical Malpractice Crisis

by Dr Deryl Gulliford and Dawn Atkins

A Critical Examination of the Budgeting Procedures and Budget Execution in Uganda Local Governments: The Case of Kabale District.

by Dr Maurice Alex Muhwezi-Murari

Millennium Child 2000 Combo
by Dr. Edna Esther Dookie Crabbere

Deterministic Physical and Intelligence Learning based on Newtowns Anti-Entropy with Screw Structured Particles
by Dr. Chiharu Sano

Democracy a Necessary Element for Good Governance and Good Governance a Necessary Element for Democracy, a Symbiotic Relational Assessment.
By Dr. Oyejide Felix Omotosho

Measuring Financial Investment in Cambodia
by Dr. Chhiv Sok Thet

Research Paradigms : Methodologies and Compatible Methods
by Abderrazak Dammak

Dialectic Thinking in Education. An effective strategy for collaborative, interactive learning
by Dr. Richard Roest