Other Graduates Published Works

Summary of the Writings
by Professor Dr Tan Man Ho

Understanding the US Medical Malpractice Crisis

by Dr Deryl Gulliford and Dawn Atkins

A Critical Examination of the Budgeting Procedures and Budget Execution in Uganda Local Governments: The Case of Kabale District.
by Dr Maurice Alex Muhwezi-Murari

Millennium Child 2000 Combo
by Dr Edna Esther Dookie Crabbere

Deterministic Physical and Intelligence Learning based on Newtowns Anti-Entropy with Screw Structured Particles
by Dr Chiharu Sano

Democracy a Necessary Element for Good Governance and Good Governance a Necessary Element for Democracy, a Symbiotic Relational Assessment.
By Dr Oyejide Felix Omotosho

Measuring Financial Investment in Cambodia
by Dr Chhiv Sok Thet

Research Paradigms : Methodologies and Compatible Methods
by Abderrazak Dammak

Dialectic Thinking in Education. An effective strategy for collaborative, interactive learning
by Dr Richard Roest


Do We Need Deliverance of the Soul After Regeneration of the Spirit
by Dr Gerrit van Veuren


Youth Counseling
by Lau Hok Wan